Monday, December 27, 2010

The end of 2010

Christmas has come and gone yet the reason for the season remains the same. It isn't only about the birth of our Savior, but the death and resurrection as well. Christmas time is to remind us that there was no way to get to God so he came to us to save us all.

The kids enjoyed Christmas this year since we had snowflakes dancing in air on Christmas Day. What a beautiful sight. It also reminded me of child like faith. You see my youngest son (12), Dustin said to me Christmas Eve that we would get snow on Christmas day. When I asked him what made him think that, he simply told me that he asked God to allow it to snow. It made me think hard about the things we ask God for that we simply ask for but don't believe will happen. He asked, believed it would happen, and then it did. Oh, what a reminder it is to have child-like faith.

Both the boys left this morning with their youth group for their youth winter retreat. I know that they will receive a blessing out of it and I am so blessed that this is where they wanted to be instead of anywhere else.

That leaves Dad working, with us girls working here at the house. We just might have to do some after Christmas shopping as well.

My mom came up for Christmas as did my sister-in-law and her family. We have a great time Christmas Eve. Now we have my husband's uncle with his two grandchildren here all week with more family coming in this week. Just a reminder that the best gifts in this world are FREE! Our family & friends.

As we get ready to say good-bye to 2010 it is easy to see how blessed we are. We are in our finished house, yes, it took us 3 years but it is completely paid for. We are debt-free, owing only our monthly utility bills, we have 3 healthy children that are amazing and teach us everyday something new about being a parent or about ourselves. It is easy to allow our fears of what can happen to them to consume our lives instead of enjoying them today and letting the problems of tomorrow to come tomorrow. I pray daily that I will focus on the right here, right now. Not allowing Satan to take control of my thoughts of What If. But most of all, I am thankful that my family & myself know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. That we will be enjoying treasures that are far more important than anything that can be found here on earth.

As we enter 2011, my question to you is....Do you know where you are going to spend eternity?

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