Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dash Away~Dash Away

It's that time of year again, where people are rushing around decorating, visiting, baking, and writting out cards. Last night we did our candle light Lord's Supper. A time to reflect on this past year and the many blessing that we have. We can complain the roses have thorns or we can rejoice that the thorns have roses. I choose to rejoice.

Our Ladies Sunday School class decided that this year again we would adopt a family from our area plea. It was such a blessing to help another family with the essentials that are so needed. Our Youth Group decided to adopt a family as well instead of giving each other gifts. Teaching our children that the best gift comes from the heart is the best gift we can teach them.

This year has been a year that many families are going back to the basics. Making candy & cookies to give as gifts. Crafting through out the year to give as gifts.

This Christmas build up the treasures that are so important. Family, Friends, love ones, and those that are no longer here with us.

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