Thursday, April 21, 2011

Joys & Sorrow

This week has been full of an array of emotions. It seems the closer to the end of school we get the busier we are. Awards day, getting ready for the end of the year dance recital, ordering class ring for my oldest. Reality sets in that these wonderful gifts from God grow up! We have to be ready & prepare them with the tools that will help them make the best decisions for their life. Giving them their foundation through the Bible.

Monday was Art in the Park for out TAG program. My youngest son won second place in his division. So proud of him. It makes my heart smile to see his eyes light up. He walks to the beat of a different drum and he does it proudly.

Tuesday was spent cleaning around the house and the yard. Bikes laid where the kids laid them, balls in the yard; I realized that the things I was picking up would some day not be there. That one day in the near future I would long for the day where I would pick up their toys in the yard. It's not that far off, how time flies.

Wednesday we were in chapter 19 in Revelation. What a study this has been, yes, Sonya, we are still in Revelation. (LOL) We prayed for a family in our church who's son has a rare disease that falls under MD. God hears all of prayers, he answers them! God is in control of all things! How blessed we are when our children are healthy and normal!

Today was awards day at the middle school. It was shocking that kids would BOO those that did an outstanding job & received awards. And what made it worse was that when the students were repremanded and sent to the back of the auditorium, their parents were upset that their child was "singled" out. They should be mad that their child would act in such disrespect~in my opinion! How can we expect our children to do the right thing, when we as adults don't. It is my experience that if a teacher says that the child did something wrong, they did. Teachers don't have time to "Make Up" stories. They are too busy! Our generation knows little about respect for self or others, manners, & courtesey. Time to look at what we are teacher our children.

A business associate lost her son today. Last week he was found in the pool and placed on life support, today they took him off support and let God's will be done. With the events of today I thought back at the birth of my children. How we awaited their arrival to see their eyes, their tiny noses, if they would have hair and what color. The normal things that we think about as mothers when we are awaiting our precious gifts from God. Today was a stark reminder that our children are gifts from God and he can call them home at anytime. I pray for TC & her family that God will strengthen them & that they will find comfort in knowing that Casey is with God, his Savior.

God Bless~

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