Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Luck VS Faith

Boys came home from Winter Youth retreat. Cody returned to work & on Thursday morning a call that every mother hopes she never gets came in. Cody works a short distance from the house, not having been gone long I thought he might of ran out of gas. Instead he was calling to say he had an accident. Jumping up, I left the house in my pj's and jacket to go tend to him. I am so thankful that he called me, had someone else done it, they would have had to tended to me. Driving up to the accident I saw where the car wasn't just in the ditch but had rolled several times before landing upright in the ditch.

After seeing the wreckage and seeing him walking towards me tears sprang to my eyes. I was so thankful that he was not injured. His car was completely totaled, bending the frame, yet when you walked around to the driver's side there wasn't a scratch on the car from the wheel base to the middle of the back door. Cody simply said God protected us Momma. And, yes, he did. They were not LUCKY, they were fully protected by God!

My Grandmother use to tell us when we were young that as you get older the year goes by faster. I never believed her, but it does seem that way now that I am older and my kids are heading to the Graduation Line. I don't know where the time went. I only pray that the time that I have spent with them at home has prepared them for what life has in store for them.

Praying for them to hold on to their faith & not allow peer pressure to make them someone that they won't recongnize.

We seem to be staying busy with Basketball practice on Monday Night & games on Friday Nights for Dustin. Dance on Thursday for Shelby. Church on Wednesday Night and Sunday/Sunday Night. Love spending time with the kids doing the things that they want to do. Cheering them on & being their biggest supporters.

So thankful for my family~loving my life~

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