Monday, June 21, 2010


Good afternoon...

Our Sunday School class has been doing the Beth Moore Bible study of Esther. It is hard being a woman.. Yes, it is! But it is also a blessing. Esther could make for a great romance novel, it has all the makings of one. Here is a woman that shows up on scene in the shadows of another woman. Queen Vashti, a beauty beyond words that everyone was in awe of. How many of us are secure enough to be in another woman's shadow?

After reading and attending the live feed of Beth Moore's Good-bye Insecurity You've been a bad friend to us... the study of Esther points out moments that made an impact on the Jews. There are ironies that when we look back shows that God's hand are all over this book in the Bible. He might not be mentioned in name, but He is there.

Join us in the reading of Esther, we just finished the first chapter that introduces the King, Queen, and the parties that were going with events that will remove the Queen so that Esther can emerge and show us what a herion is all about.

Read Chapter one and share your thoughts about what suck out the most to you....Can't wait to hear your insights.

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