Friday, May 28, 2010

Closet Clean out!

You will need 2 bags and a box for this chore.

Bags: Donate/Garage Sale & Throw away
Box: Store for next season

To make room in your closet only have hanging what is in season. Store the turtle necks, sweaters and wool pants for next fall/winter. Make sure that you store your winter/fall clothes in a container that is waterproof and has a secure lid.

Anything that you have not worn since last season...too big, too small, or just not your taste anymore goes in the Garage Sale/Donate bag. This will make room for new clothes or space so that dear ol' hubby has some more room.

Anything that has holes in it, like hubby's favorite air conditioned shirt. You know they all have their favorite shirt that looks so ratty...take a pair of scissors to it and use for cleaning cloths then throw them away.

You can color code each closet with hangers... that way when doing laundry clothes can be hung up immediately and everyone can grab their clothes by the color of the hangers.
My daughter has pink hangers, oldest son blue hangers, youngest son has blue hangers, white hangers for me, & brown hangers for hubby. Makes laundry time so much easier. Another great laundry tip is to safety pin socks together as a pair before washing & drying them. Once they are done, take out the clip and fold the match~no more searching for matches.

Have fun eliminating the clutter in your closets!

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